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Oleg Rogachov

Ukraine, 1989-12-29

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Chief Officer

(Chief Officer)

5500-5500 $

Английский: Абсолютно свободно общаюсь, различаю и понимаю акценты

Готовность: 2019-04-10

Дополнительная информация

Dear Sir / Madam Good Day, I'm Oleg Rogachov looking a job in rank of Chief Officer. Previous my vessel in rank of Chief Officer was container ship, with 3 cranes (self discharging), with DTW = 14064t, worked in Asia region, cargo was Containers and General Cargo, Crew was full mixed, except of 4th Engineer who was from Ukraine, other crew members was from: Iranian, Indian, Filipino and German Captain. I have a biometric passport and all valid certificates for Chief Officer, experience work in mix crew and type of vessel general cargo, bulk carrier and container vessel in other rank. English good: absolutely free communication, paper works, requisition, conversation with Owner or Super Intendant by phone and job interview. Other: good knowledge of loading programs and ballast system, work with ECDIS system, good familiarization with medical equipment and vessel medicine, maintenance of all Safety & Fire equipment, provide Safety Drills and etc.